Thursday, June 9, 2016


Important Tips to Minimize Losses in Forex Trading"

Unfortunately for traders, it is nearly impossible
to eliminate losses entirely. It would be a truly
rare occurrence to actively trade for even as little as a
week without incurring any sort of loss along the way. The
primary cause of this is the volatile nature of currency markets.

With that being said, here are some ways to minimize
your losses and keep your overall trading profitable.

1. Realize That Losing Is Part Of The Game.

Once you understand and accept that there will be losses,
it will allow you to better prepare for them, as well
as to move on to the next trade. It happens to even the
best traders, so don't let it discourage you. Forex markets
can be fickle, so realize that before you begin.

2. Know When To Cut Your Losses

Don't try to rescue a losing position by pouring more cash
into it. If a trade is failing, allow it to die and move on
to the next one. Also, use this as an opportunity to evaluate
what went wrong with this trade, so you are less likely to make
the same mistake twice.

3. Tell Your Broker To Close Losing Positions

Your broker should be instructed by you to have a
system for closing losing positions on your behalf.
There should always be a margin call in place, so that
your account will never end up in negative figures.

4. Be Cautious

Always be aware of the risk profile of any position
before you enter, and until you are more experienced
try to avoid trades which have higher risk. It is often
safer to follow existing trends than to attempt to
predict changes in the markets.

5. Don't Get Emotional

Don't become emotionally attached or loyal to a forex trade.
If you lose, you lose, and if you win, you win. If you
lose money on a particular trade, don't commit to that
trade until it turns around. Get out of the position and
move on the another trade.

6. Slow and Steady Wins The Race

While it's absolutely true that the volatility of
forex markets can lead to big profits very quickly,
it can also lead to big losses just as fast. Don't expect
to get rich quick when you begin trading. Remember that
a profitable long-term trading strategy is what is going to
make you money, not one big trade that makes you rich overnight.

7. Accept Responsibility

Whether you make millions or lose it all in forex trading,
it's your fault. Learn to be responsible for whatever
happens with your trades, and you will probably find
yourself making much better trades. Avoid tips on the
next big trade or how the market is going to move;
it's usually wrong.

Whatever you do when trading in the forex markets,
never dwell on your losses. Accept them, learn from them,
and then dust yourself off and move on to the next trade.

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